Anti-Allergy Properties of Camel Milk

In 2005, a group of Israeli doctors and researchers conducted a successful study on the anti-allergic properties of camel milk.  The results were positive in the sense that the there was a marked decrease in allergic reactions after a regimen of camel milk was consumed by the test cases.  Furthermore, the researchers noticed results for children with autism after they were provided camel milk.

New Cow Milk Research A1 and A2 Cows

In New Zealand, some dairy companies have started labeling there milk as A2 because of a recent study linking mutated cows to diseases such as autism and diabetes.  Keith Woodford, a New Zealand based professor of agribusiness with a science background is leading the effort to make people aware of bad proteins found in certain cows milk.  Professor Woodford suggests that A beta-casein proteins are making some people sick and that milk dairies need to start labeling what they sell. BTW, camel milk does not have these issues.

Breaking News! Camels Milk Flows from The Netherlands into USA


Camels Milk Flows from The Netherlands into USA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pittsboro, NC, – The healthy milk from camels will soon be more easily available for citizens of the United States. A contract between a camel dairy in the Netherlands and the North Carolina-based company, Camel Milk USA, has been signed. Imported freeze-dried camel’s milk should be available as early as May, 2011. “Camel’s milk has many medicinal benefits. Children with autism and those with certain auto-immune disorders can see positive changes in just a few uses,” says the President…