Breaking News! Camels Milk Flows from The Netherlands into USA


Camels Milk Flows from The Netherlands into USA


Pittsboro, NC, – The healthy milk from camels will soon be more easily available for citizens of the United States. A contract between a camel dairy in the Netherlands and the North Carolina-based company, Camel Milk USA, has been signed. Imported freeze-dried camel’s milk should be available as early as May, 2011.

“Camel’s milk has many medicinal benefits. Children with autism and those with certain auto-immune disorders can see positive changes in just a few uses,” says the President and founder of Camel Milk USA, Millie Hinkle. “It also has naturally high levels of insulin suited for a diabetics needs.”

Millie Hinkle received her training as a Naturopathic doctor in Germany and is an expert in the medical benefits of camel milk. Hinkle founded Camel Milk USA and the International Camel Advisory Board. She is a member of the International Society of Camelids Research and Development and resides outside Chapel Hill, NC.

Contact Information:

Camel Milk USA

93 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312 USA

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